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PT Kharisma Interplast Pratama is a leading manufacture in stationery industry in Indonesia. Recognized nationally and internationally for innovative technology and superior quality,  Interplast manages the entire production process, from research & development to manufacturing and marketing. Today, because of its unique combination of low cost and high performance, Polypropylene has become the most widely used polymer in the world. Our Polypropylene is environmentally friendly and does not contain plasticizers, acid or heavy metal compounds. All our PP can be easily recycled through in-line recycling or thermal reprocessing.

Because Interplast maintains control over production its processes from start to finish, it has established a reputation for the highest quality products. Interplast founding philosophy of delivering the finest products, customer service and products support remains the driving force behind the company. Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, Interplast has sales operations across Africa, Asia and other countries. Interplast sell its product and services exclusively through its network of authorized distributors in Indonesia.

We at PT Kharisma Interplast Pratama believe that success can only be achieved by means of maintaining the highest quality possible, maintaining strong relationship with our customers through honesty and trust, streamlining our manufacturing process, and applying proven cost cutting strategy. We promise superior service to our customer in fulfilling their needs in both products availability and  technical support within available resources. We pride ourselves in our product quality, customer service and customer satisfaction.